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Meet Dr. Smoak

Benjamin R. Smoak, MD

Adult Psychiatrist 


“Medicine was always in the cards for me. I’ve loved science and teaching since childhood and knew that I wanted to pursue a career that aligned with these interests. I gravitated toward psychiatry as the specialty that most allowed me to both treat and help educate people along the way.

I work with people who have general psychiatric conditions such as anxiety, mood disorders, and trauma, but also have a special interest in co-occurring psychiatric and medical conditions—a specialty known as psychosomatic medicine. As a physician and psychiatrist, I work to ensure that a medical condition is not causing psychiatric symptoms or making treatment more difficult.


While I do some talk therapy, I mainly evaluate and coordinate care with other healthcare providers, including primary care doctors, psychotherapists, and any specialists. I typically manage a person’s medications, while working closely with their psychotherapist. My interest in integrative health allows me to recommend appropriate holistic options—acupuncture, mindfulness techniques, and yoga, for instance—often in conjunction with, but sometimes in place of, medications. Dr. Smoak is trained in ketamine-assisted psychotherapy.


I have a diverse range of training and expertise, and can meet almost any mental health need. If the assessment reveals that I’m not the right person to treat particular issues, I will work to find someone who is. I aim to accommodate people’s busy lives and schedules and offer both virtual and in-person options.


I enjoy working with adults of a variety of ages and from a range of backgrounds, and I have many years of experience working with veterans and the LGBTQ+ community. I also train NYU Grossman School of Medicine residents, the next generation of psychiatrists, which is an endeavor I find gratifying and also useful—I learn from them all the time.”

Find out more about Dr. Smoak's Credentials here.

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Dr. Smoak provides a wide range of services and is happy to collaborate with you to develop a treatment plan that is specific to your needs.

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